Extreme sports insurance: Cover yourself in the event of an accident

Hiking, skiing, mountain biking, mountaineering, kitesurfing, canyoning, skydiving, rock climbing, motorcycling, horse riding, microlighting… Whatever your sport, risk is part of the game, especially in extreme sports. But every time, it’s the same old story:

  • Am I insured in the event of an accident?
  • Will I be covered if I practice in Europe, Africa, United Kingdom or even the USA?
  • Which insurance policy should I take out for high-risk sports?
  • Do Social Security and accident insurance cover rescue, repatriation and medical expenses in the event of injury?
  • What about the public liability insurance included in sports licenses?

Assure Ton Sport provides some answers.

When health insurance and complementary health care are not enough

In the event of a fall during the free practice of a sport, first-aid assistance can represent a very high cost. We are referring in particular to rescues in perilous environments, which require specific techniques and equipment due to difficult weather conditions and complex geographical areas.

System limits

In many countries, healthcare costs are reimbursed by the Social Security system, and by supplementary health insurance if you have one. These organizations often do not cover operations in mountainous areas or on ski slopes.

These services cost :

  • between £40 and £420 on the slopes
  • to around £700 off-piste
  • up to £3,000/hour if a helicopter is mobilized

Added to this is ambulance transport, which is not reimbursed by Social Security.

Exorbitant rates

More generally, medical expenses can be tripled depending on the country, like in the United States. Not to mention repatriation costs, which can vary from €1,000 to €40,000, and are generally not covered by governments. A sports accident abroad can quickly be expensive, increasing exponentially with the severity of the injury.

What about accident insurance?

Sportsmen and women can, of course, take out “personal accident insurance” to cover bodily injury sustained while practising a sport on an individual basis (outside the framework of a club). It is important to be aware of the clauses excluding coverage and the levels of compensation, which vary from one company to another. These include the requirement to be accompanied by an instructor/educator, off-piste skiing, and competitive or professional sporting activities.

Some exclusions to be aware of

Insurance companies almost invariably exclude extreme sports and leisure activities such as :

  • water and sea sports: rafting, kayaking, stand-up paddling, surfing, canyoning, windsurfing, kitesurfing, hydrospeed…
  • mountain sports: hiking, trail running, trekking, climbing, mountaineering, caving, downhill skiing…
  • aerial sports: paragliding, parachute jumping, bungee jumping, ULM, wingsuit…
  • mechanical sports: motocross, enduro, rallying, car racing, karting, jet-skiing, 4×4…
  • fighting sports: karate, boxing, MMA, judo, wrestling, taekwondo, fencing…

In the event of an accident, the costs – often high – will have to be borne by the athlete.

Sports license insurance

Are you a member of a sports club or association? As a member, part of your membership fee includes third-party liability insurance. This covers expenses incurred and bodily injury caused by you to a third party (team member, competitor, volunteer, etc.).

Your responsibility

However, coverage is minimal and limited in scope. In the case of outdoor sports, for example, the insurance company often refuses to cover the claim, relying instead on the principle of the victim’s liability.

Here again, professional or competitive sports are generally excluded from the insurance contract. What’s more, the more dangerous the sport, the more the theory of full awareness of risk will limit recognition of the liability of the third party at fault. The victim will therefore be obliged to reimburse any expenses incurred.

Insurance that doesn’t cover you

The insurance part of your license does not cover you if you injure yourself! The law sports association to which you belong is obliged to inform you of the benefits of taking out an individual accident policy covering your own bodily injury.

When you love physical activity, you don’t always limit yourself to one discipline. Even if you are a club member, injuries sustained “outside the structure”, i.e. outdoors, at a friend’s house, etc., as well as the practice of another sport, are not covered by your license.

Take out a specific insurance remains the best option

Extreme sports enthusiasts, whether amateurs or professionals, are well advised to take out specific insurance with appropriate levels of cover. They can take out an individual accident policy with a specialist company, guaranteeing coverage for rescue, medical and repatriation costs. For paragliding or skiing, for example, we strongly recommend that you take out your own insurance.

Your safety is our priority

Whether on land, at sea or in the air, Assure Ton Sport offers you comprehensive insurance and assistance solutions tailored to your physical and sporting activity under the following conditions:

  • regular training
  • leisure/recreation
  • competitions
  • professional practice

At Assure Ton Sport, we want every athlete to be able to pursue his or her passion with complete peace of mind. We insure people with reduced mobility (handisport) and have set up hospital daily allowance packages to guarantee optimum service.

Starting at €10/day

Our contract has been specifically designed to cover several disciplines simultaneously, and to meet all needs with the best coverage/price ratio on the market. Complete daily or annual formulas that take into account the particularities of the world of sport, especially extreme sports. Exclusive to the market.

Our contract offers its beneficiary a disability/death benefit, legal protection, medical transport and repatriation cover, as well as healthcare, hospitalization, search and rescue expenses. 24/7 assistance!

So don’t wait any longer to practice your sport with complete peace of mind.

By Charly Colin

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