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Yes. Each of our formulas includes repatriation assistance to the actual costs.

You will receive your insurance certificate, your assistance card and our General Terms and Conditions by email (be sure to check your spams). You can also retrieve your contract on your personal space by entering your username (email address) and your password.

No. A contract cannot be amended once the insurance policy has been paid.

You can insure up to 20 people per contract.

All quotations and subscriptions shall be completed online via the “get quotation online” section.

You can download our General Terms and Conditions in PDF format at the bottom of our website. The last pages provide a detailed description of each formula. Their amount will be communicated in step 4 during your subscription.

According to the chapter 11 - page 8 of our General Terms and Conditions, you have a right of fourteen calendar days to retract from the date of subscription but before the contract takes effect. Cancellation can only be effective by sending a registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt by post (Assure Ton Sport - 968 Route de Caumont, 6 Lotissement Beau Ciel 84470 Châteauneuf-de-Gadagne) or electronic means ( You’ll find a sample waiver letter page 9 of our General Terms and Conditions downloadable at the bottom of our website.

No. Insure your sport provides an individual accident contract which does not apply to material goods and sports facilities.

No. The guarantees of our contract take effect only throughout the practice of training, competition or leisure sporting activities.

You have to declare your claim with 7 days by calling the telephone number indicated on your assistance card.

Go to the “List of sports” section at the bottom of our website.

No. None of our formulas contains a civil liability guarantee.

Your contract is valid from the start date to the end date 00h00 indicated on your insurance certificate.


Mutuaide Assistance

No. Only federations are allowed to issue licences.

No. If you want to renew your contract you have to log in to your space and complete a new subscription.

We cover the skier or snowboarder off-piste, take over heliskiing and freeriding. Off-piste skiing is covered without the need of a qualified guide (ski instructor).

We need to know this information in case of repatriation.


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