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About Us!

Rodolphe Le Claire, former MX rider, retrained at 26 years old in the insurance field. I regularly practice many sports, like scuba diving, mountain biking, motocross and supermoto. Concerned with safety, my ambition is to answer the question that all sports enthusiasts are asking: What insurance coverage do we have in case of accident throughout the sport practice?

3 formulas to choose for less than 10€/day

Since club presidents and other sports managers were struggling to find solutions, I’ve decided to draw up an all-inclusive assistance contract. Through 3 formulas for less than 10€ per day, I allow any amateur or professional athlete to practice carefully and confidently their sport.
As a partner of your passion, Insure your sport cover nearly 400 sports around the world! We support in your hobbies, training and events sessions abroad with a turnkey insurance and assistance service.

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Rodolphe Le Claire Founder of Assure Ton Sport

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Approved by Pierre Goupillon French Motocross Champion, Elite MX2 (2021 / 2022 / 2023)
Aproved by Dylan Ferrandis Pro Motocross USA 250, 450, and Supercross 250 West Coast Champion
Approved by Julien Vanstippen Gold medalist in the Moto X Best Whip, of the X-Games 2022
Approved by Guillaume Pinel World-renowned, professional underwater photographer
Approved by Jorge Prado 2023 MXGP Motocross, World Champion

During a stay in Spain, I wanted to try kite-surfing with a two-days initiation in Rosas, the best! After a half-day initiation where we used only the sail to learn how to control the wind, I finished with my head in the sand pulled by the sail over a good twenty meters record 12 stitches in the face, an open arch and a broken nose, great initiation! Thanks to my insurance even abroad I was taken care of. Already in a mess, luckily for me.

18 years old Practicing Kite-surfing

Like every year, I join my friends at 2Alpes to party and ski in February. To make short, big overconfidence and well encouraged by my friends, I started on a track way too difficult for my level and fell!! The record: crossed ligament rupture, 6 months of crutches and rehabilitation. Me, who just started my own company, really harsh blow. Fortunately for once I listened to my mother taking the daily insurance for my 4 days of skiing, because that would have cost me a lot and jeopardized my young company.

28 years old Ski practice

During a stay at Sainte-Marie de la Mer in Camargue with my family, my children of 12 and 8 years old, my husband and I took part in a equestrian hike including a tour of the swamps and a walk on the beach. Being practitioner, I was especially worried about my novice children, turnaround, I fell heavily! Fortunately, I subscribed to Assure Ton Sport with the Annual Multisport which took care of my repatriation and the subsequent costs incurred.

42 years old Occasional horseback riding

Le contrat individuel accident proposé par Assure Ton Sport fonctionne réellement. Ce n’est pas un placement de produit et je sais qu’il y a des polémiques à ce sujet.J’ai été rapatrié après un grave accident à Madagascar, là où il n’y a pas d’hôpitaux, et tout a été pris en charge sans que je ne débourse aucun frais. Les démarches administratives, comme l’avancement de mon vol retour, ont été effectuées par l’équipe Assure Ton Sport.

53 years old Motocross

When I go to the USA, I want to be in the best possible hands. That's why Assure Ton Sport is with me every step of the way

Jorge Prado
23 years old Motocross World Champion

The fact that you're insured frees you mentally and allows you to ride in complete relaxation. It takes the worry out of the equation and allows athletes to concentrate fully on their sporting adventures

Xavier De Soultrait
36 years old Dakar stage winner

The fact that you're insured frees you mentally and allows you to ride in complete relaxation. It takes the worry out of the equation and allows athletes to concentrate fully on their sporting adventures

Xavier De Soultrait
36 years old Dakar stage winner

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Yes, Assure Ton Sport covers the costs related to the guarantee “Search and rescue costs”

The support contract is managed by Groupama Assistance. If the condition of the Insured requires medical attention or specific examinations that can not be performed on site, Groupama Assistance organizes and supports for transportation, repatriation and/or medical costs, depending on the severity of the case.

​Damage suffered during a sport activity can have serious financial consequences. By subscribing to our contract for less than 8€ a day, you can enjoy your sport safely.

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