Motocross: A revolution in the world of motorsports

Motocross offers an intense experience of speed and adrenalin on off-road circuits. This sport, rooted in the world of extreme adventure, fascinates motorsports fans the world over. For thrill-seekers, motocross represents the pinnacle of the intense sporting experience. The world of motocross is home to some of the world’s most talented and passionate riders. The Tech32 team, which competes in the French and European Motocross Championships, is a perfect example.

Members of the Tech32 team with their motorbikes
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Before we set off to discover this 100% French team with Nicolas Fabre, Tech32 team manager, we invite you to delve into the world of rally-raid via our exclusive interview with Xavier De Soultrait or electric motorbikes via our dedicated subject. And don’t forget, whatever your sport, it’s important to be insured, because not all the costs incurred in the event of an accident are covered. Insane-parts and Jo&Will talk about it on their blog!

Flagship motorsport discipline

In the world of motorsports, motocross stands out for its spectacular races and physical demands. Born of a passion for motorbikes and the thrill of the extreme, this sport skilfully combines rugged terrain, impressive jumps, technical prowess and lightning speed.

Motocross rider in the air
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Equipment : The cornerstone of safety in extreme sports

In this high-risk sport, quality equipment is essential. A specially designed off-road motorbike, a protective helmet, reinforced gloves, sturdy boots and hard-wearing clothing are essential to ensure the safety of riders in this extreme environment.

Training: the key to success in Motocross

Excellence in motocross requires rigorous training. Riders develop advanced riding skills over a wide range of terrain, as well as the rock-solid physical stamina that is essential if they are to shine in these endurance and technical competitions.

Insurance: the cornerstone of driver peace of mind

In motocross, having the right insurance is crucial to a rider’s peace of mind. Given the high risk of injury, appropriate cover provides essential cover, as many medical costs and expenses, including transport, repatriation and treatment, are not all covered by sports licences and social security. We talk about this in this article.

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Exclusive interview with Nicolas Fabre, Tech32 Team Boss: A team that detects talent

Our journalist Charly Colin talks to Nicolas Fabre to reveal the secrets behind the rapid rise of this French team in the French and European motocross championships. Find out how a small family structure has risen to the highest level, thanks to innovative strategies and an unwavering passion for the sport.

Could you tell us about the origins of the Tech 32 team and its development to date?

“The Tech 32 team was created in 2019 by my uncle, Jean-Michel Fabre, and my father. Originally, it was a family structure with no great pretensions, just to support my motocross racing and give my bike an ‘identity’. At the time, I was riding in the 85cc French and European Championships. We called it Tech 32 as a tribute to our department, the Gers. The structure evolved considerably when we supported Maxime Gros in the 85cc class. Without expecting any specific results, we just wanted to help him financially. This attracted the attention of KTM Europe, and their support really propelled the team forward. Maxime became runner-up in the French Cadet Championship in 2020”.

Motocross rider with his mechanics
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How has the Tech 32 team evolved in terms of professionalism and recognition on the French and European motocross scene?

“In 2021, we reached a significant milestone by buying a heavyweight, which has professionalised our structure. We took part in the supercross championship in the United States with Thomas Do, which boosted our credibility, particularly in terms of communication. We also signed Marc-Antoine Rossi, a promising talent who was little-known at the time, whom my uncle had spotted. He was a visionary!”

What were the other key moments for the team?

“Rafael Mennillo joined us after we spotted him during a training session, in much the same way as we had spotted the potential of Marc-Antoine Rossi. He quickly achieved success in the French Minivert Championship. In 2022, we welcomed riders like Maxime Charlier, Gregory Aranda and even the American Cooper Web for the Paris Supercross. That year, I devoted myself fully to managing the team”.

A rider on his motocross bike and his team of mechanics
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What are the current and future plans?

“Our current drivers are Pierre Goupillon, Raphaël Mennillo and Maxime Lucas. We’re aiming for a more professional and fundamentally performance-oriented approach, concentrating on fewer riders but with more structured support. In the future, we plan to structure the team further, aim for the highest level of French and European motocross, and improve our facilities”.

Finally, what are your sporting goals and dreams for the team?

“From a sporting point of view, we want to be at the front in all categories. Pierre Goupillon will be competing in the European Open Championship, France Elite and a number of MXGP World Championship events. Maxime Lucas is aiming for the European Championship title. Of course, competing in the World Motocross Championship would be a dream, but we’re realistic about the challenges it represents. I’d like to sincerely thank our sponsors, such as Assure Ton Sport, my uncle Jean-Michel and my father, for their trust and support. Without them, none of this would be possible”.

By Charly Colin

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