Ski Insurance: A Guide to Safe Winter Holidays

Winter sports: Why specific insurance is crucial to your safety, especially off-piste? Read our article on the importance of being properly insured when practising a sport.

Winter sports offer a range of exhilarating activities, from downhill skiing and snowboarding to ice skating and snowshoe trekking. Every year, these winter activities attract thousands of enthusiasts to the snow-covered mountains. For ski enthusiasts, especially those drawn to the thrill of off-piste skiing, choosing the right insurance is a crucial step. This article explains why and how to select the best off-piste ski insurance for your mountain holiday.

Skier making a turn on a snow-covered piste

The Diversity of Winter Sports

Winter sports are not limited to traditional skiing. They encompass a variety of disciplines, so there’s something for everyone in the mountains. From the thrill of snowboarding to peaceful walks on snowshoes, the mountains offer an unrivalled playground. These activities, while exciting, carry inherent risks, which is why preparation and protection are so important.

The off-piste skiing craze

Off-piste skiing, an adventure favoured by many skiers, offers an intense gliding experience and a unique connection with nature. However, off-piste skiing requires careful preparation, especially when it comes to safety. During the winter holidays, unmarked slopes attract a diverse crowd, from novices to experts, which increases the risks and underlines the importance of adequate insurance.

Photo of an off-piste skier

The Importance of Insurance

Choosing the right insurance means understanding the different types of cover available. An ideal insurance policy for off-piste skiing should include rescue and evacuation costs, cover for medical expenses and, if possible, compensation if the trip is interrupted. It is advisable to compare offers, taking into account the exclusions and limits of each policy.

Family enjoying skiing on a snow-covered slope

Assure Ton Sport offers comprehensive, tailor-made ski insurance specially designed for skiers, particularly those who ski off-piste. Their services include assistance available 24/7, cover for medical transport and repatriation costs, as well as extended cover for medical, search and rescue expenses. In the event of disability or death, financial guarantees are provided, as well as daily allowances in the event of hospitalisation. Flexible offers with daily packages tailored to different needs and simplified online subscription make this insurance particularly attractive to skiers.

Photo of an off-piste skier


Winter sports, with off-piste skiing in the limelight, promise moments of pure pleasure and adrenalin. To enjoy these moments with complete peace of mind, it’s essential to take out appropriate insurance. That way, you can concentrate on the unforgettable experience that the mountains have to offer.

By Charly Colin

Image of a skier in action