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Are helicopter, winching and track rescue costs covered ?

Yes, Assure Ton Sport covers the costs related to the guarantee “Search and rescue costs”

How to subscribe ?

Secure subscription 100% online and directly on the website


You will instantly receive an email with your username and password to login into your customer area (check your junk or spam mails if you don’t receive it), your sport insurance certificate and the terms and conditions. 

Feel free to contact Assure Ton Sport advisors to accompany you in your approach at 04 90 63 34 07

Who pays for medical expenses, transportation and repatriation in case of accident, death or disability ?

The support contract is managed by Groupama Assistance. If the condition of the Insured requires medical attention or specific examinations that can not be performed on site, Groupama Assistance organizes and supports for transportation, repatriation and/or medical costs, depending on the severity of the case.  

Why is it mention country of departure and country of arrival in the subscription ?

We need to know those informations in case of repatriation. 

Off-road skiing is often covered under certain conditions, what about with Assure Ton Sport ?

Assure Ton Sport covers skier and snowboarder off-road, supports heliskiing and free ride. 

Off-road skiing is covered without the need of a qualified instructor (ski instructor)

How to make an accident report ?

Online, from the website Assure Ton Sport. Any declaration must be made in the 48h following the accident. 

Who is your support provider ?

Mutuaide assistance.

Why insure yourself ?

​Damage suffered during a sport activity can have serious financial consequences. By subscribing to our contract for less than 8€ a day, you can enjoy your sport safely. 

Is an annual contract tacitly renewed ?

No, if you want to renew your contract, you must login to your space and subscribe again.