Electric motorbikes: a sport for the future?

In Europe, the transition to electric mobility is growing significantly. The main reasons include environmental awareness and technological advances. In the leisure sports market, consumers are looking for ‘greener’ alternatives to indulge their passion. All the more reason to boost the range of zero-emission two-wheelers! As with any sporting activity, it’s important to be insured in the event of an accident.

Electric motorbike rider in the wild
The Sur-Ron Light Bee stands out for its exceptional lightness and good weight distribution.

Technological advances have enabled electric motorbikes to offer comparable or even superior performance to their internal combustion counterparts. What’s more, the diversification of the range thanks to investment by start-ups is creating healthy competition in the market, offering a greater diversity of models.

Today we’re focusing on a fast-growing market: the lightweight electric motorbike or electric motocross bike. This new category of battery-powered vehicle offers a unique experience, almost a hybrid between motorbike and mountain bike. Weighing in at around 50-60kg, it’s an accessible and versatile option, appealing to novices as well as keen cyclists and motocrossers.

Exclusive interview with Jo & Will. With a large community of nearly 14,000 followers on their YouTube channel “Jo & Will / Electric Off-road”, these enthusiasts create and distribute parts and accessories dedicated to the Sur-Ron and Talaria electric motorbike brands.

In the early days of electric motorbikes

Electric motorbike rider in action
Electric motorbikes offer a pleasant and safe riding experience.

At the origin of this revolution, the Sur-Ron brand, created in 2014, introduced the Light Bee in 2018, garnering design awards in the process. Although electrics are still in their infancy in Europe, with only two years of existence for dedicated competitions, their potential is immense. Enduro, respect for the environment and performance are at the heart of this emerging discipline with great potential.

So Jo, what are the distinctive features of this flagship model from Sur-Ron?

“The Sur-Ron Light Bee stands out for its exceptional lightness and good weight distribution. Approved for AM licences (50cc), it offers an affordable alternative, starting at €5,000. Featuring components borrowed from downhill bikes, such as brakes and forks, this machine combines the very essence of a motorbike with the agility of a bicycle. Its unique, upgradeable frame allows for limitless customisation, in the manner of Harley-Davidson enthusiasts. “

Sur-ron Light Bee frame and swingarm
Its unique, scalable framework allows unlimited customisation.

Is it really accessible to beginners?

“The Suron Light Bee is a serious choice for novice riders. It offers a really pleasant and safe riding experience. Its light weight and lack of a gearbox make it ideal for beginners, while retaining its undeniable appeal for experienced riders. “

The adventure of a passion for electric motorbikes

How did you come to create a YouTube channel and an online shop?

“Our story began with our shared passion for motorcycling and downhill biking. The launch of our YouTube channel was an obvious choice, given our interest in audiovisual production. It was also about sharing our enthusiasm for this emerging sport. Doing business in this field also made sense to us, especially given our skills in product design. “

Two electric motorbikes in one garage
Electric motocross gives you the chance to enjoy yourself while respecting the environment, other road users and nature lovers.

What is the main theme of “Jo & Will / Electric Off-Road”?

“Beyond simply promoting the product, our aim is above all to highlight the friendship and pleasure shared through this discipline of zero-emission off-road motorcycling. Electric motocross bikes give you the chance to enjoy yourself while respecting the environment, other road users and nature lovers. Our online shop offers a wide range of spare parts. From batteries and suspension to consumables and wheels, as well as everything to do with the frame, transmission, rider equipment, cockpit, brakes, tools and maintenance…”.

You also stand out through your “preparation” branch, your advice and your events!

“Our primary aim is to meet the expectations of electric motorbike enthusiasts in France. Our range also includes parts that we design ourselves using our 3D printer. Our main aim is to bring together enthusiasts and adapters of this new sport. To this end, we organise a number of events throughout the year, such as E-track Day last July. And because safety is so important to us, we’re delighted to have Insure Your Sport as a partner. This company of enthusiasts is offering us its sports insurance solutions to cover the participants in these days. Because even though these two-wheelers make no noise and have no internal combustion engine, they remain a dangerous sport where the risk of falling is omnipresent. Whatever the discipline, and all the more so in motor sport, prevention is better than cure, as they say! And Assure Ton Sport offers 3 daily plans, simple 100% online subscriptions, with different options tailored to the budget and needs of each sportsperson. “

Electric motorbike riders in action
Fun and sharing – that’s the philosophy behind electric motorbikes

The future of electric motorbikes in Europe

Increasingly strict environmental standards in France, notably the Low Emission Zones (ZFE), are encouraging the adoption of electric vehicles. Environmental awareness is leading to a change in mentality among the population, whether for everyday needs or weekend leisure activities.

What is your vision for the future of sports-related mobility?

“We are convinced that electric motorbikes are the future. It offers an environmentally-friendly alternative that can save motorbike circuits and make enduro riding more enjoyable for everyone, including local residents. Riding electric brings us closer to the world around us while creating a unique experience. “

The era of the electric motorbike is upon us, redefining the future of off-road leisure. Jo & Will are at the forefront of this revolution, offering innovative products and services and building a whole community of enthusiasts.

By Charly Colin

Electric motorbike rider contemplating the horizon
Electric motorbikes offer an environmentally-friendly alternative that could save motorbike circuits.